Thursday, 22 November 2018

Upcoming event the Bardic chair

Hi all  we are  hosting a Bardic chair competition  at the Hub nub on Thursday 6th December.
This year is going to be a smaller event for  open storytellers and family to come along to support .
 If  you are interesting in telling a  story please contact our office so we know how many people  are telling . 

Best wishes

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Performance of Fanny Fust at Glen side Hospital Musem

On Monday 15th October  we  performed  Fanny  Fust  at Glenside  Hospital Museum  in  front of the  Misfits  and  other people.
Everybody enjoyed the performance  and asked questions  about  Fanny Fust. There were  about  35 people  came  to watch us at the performance.
 People said " I quite enjoyed the  enthusiasm and optimism that the actors showed, it added to the atmosphere and made it fun. I liked the creativity around the props, especially the wagon wheels.! Joshua
" Really good, the actors were really into it and really could tell they had practised a lot.! Chris
" They  put  heart  and souls  into it and it was very informative!' Heather
"I like that they had done so much research and it was interesting that Fanny might actually  have had  Downs Syndrome.! Dave

We are looking forward to taking  Fanny  Fust  out on tour to various places. I have enjoyed doing Fanny Fust


Katie Branch

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Fanny Fust Performance at The Merlin Theatre

Thank you for coming to see our performance in Frome Festival, we are still buzzing from our show at the Merlin theatre on Friday 13th July 2018.
We worked really hard on our performance, we were well rehearsed and gave the best show.
 The reaction of the audience was so powerful. Our confidence grew as the play went on. We were able to share what we learnt about 18th Century life. 
Our family and friends enjoyed the story of Fanny Fust and joined in with the song, they found it funny, touching also very moving.
we all couldn't do it without our helper's so thank you for their help.
we are hoping to take Fanny Fust on tour to reach different people in the audience.

We really feel like our theatre company is as professional as any other. This story has helped us to share our experiences of having a learning disability, which is something we live with and it makes us better storytellers. 88 people came to our performance and 70 people said we should take it on tour.


Trip to Taunton to get the cheque

On  the Tuesday  1st May 2018    Katie went to  Taunton  county council with Emma  and Jade  to receive a cheque  from William  Wallace, as we were one of his chosen charity.  We had a lovely surprise of how much  he raise  much more than we  expected . We also meet Carol James  who work as William"s PA  told her all about what we do the Open storytellers. William  Wallace  told us that the  new chair of Somerset County Council  is David Forthergill  and  that William would  recommend Openstorytellers to David to be his chosen charity!

By Katie  Branch

19 .7.2018

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Fanny Fust's trip to Clarks museum in Street

 This is Robins visit to Clarks museum in Street Somerset, with his Fanny Fust to look at 18th century shoes, in the 1780 style which had strap-ons with low-heeled slippers which Fanny Fust would have worn in Bristol, when she was kidnapped by Henry Bowerman.
The shoe collection had a set of buckles which were made by the Clarks brothers when they were young men in the 1780s.
They were shoemakers in a old house in Street, Somerset who might have worked with the Bath and Wiltshire cloth makers. They made the clothing that Fanny Fust might have worn in those days. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Heritage Lottery Fund Visit

Today we had a visit from Johnathan and Rebecca from Heritage Lottery Fund. They very kindly funded the Fanny Fust project.
They came to find out what we have been doing. Rob talked about his illustrations.  Brad and Sue talked about playing the characters Henry and Fanny.We showed them some of the show. The bit where the Plotters formed their dastardly plan and …..well, you will have to come and see our show and find out on Friday 13th July at the Merlin Theatre.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Bishop's barn

The Bishop's Barn Wells

We've got a story to tell... are people all the same?

or are we different?

If you want to find out  more about the stories please come and see us

on the day

at the

Bishop's Barn Wells

Silver street Wells

the stories we are telling:

King of the goblins


Silly Jack


Monday 14th May

time of the show is