Thursday, 30 May 2019

Peter the wild boy sewing day

We all enjoyed sewing the letters  and different things onto the leafs for peter the wild boy was a really good but a long day.  Clemma sewed stars in my chest onto a leaf thought it looked ok  showed Kay,Clemma today is going to finish it off .
Katie done some  sewing for the story of peter  the wild boy , Tim and Leah done some work on  material. Fiona done bit  of sewing and things on the leafs  for the  peter the wild boy its  to make a forest  scene  for the story. The leafs  are for the story. and they are going to sing a song as well in the performance.

Thursday, 9 May 2019


We've been working hard, with Sarah wilson white as part of our management training
which is part of our project Funded by Arts Council England. We've looked at Marketing and promotion, tour booking, finance and tour delivery. I have looked up different theatres in different areas in a time task project for Sarah Wilson White. And as well I looked up all the emails and numbers for these theatres too. It's made me feel very good about myself knowing that I have achieved a task with and without help and I have really enjoyed doing the workshops with Sarah.
 The Peter the Wild Boy group have been doing prop making and rehearsing, making songs and singing, have been hunters in a scene of Peter the Wild Boy, trying out their lines. They've been  measured for their costumes wether they liked it or not, the list goes on and on and we are all working hard like a black bird singing in a tree. 
Our Artist Robin has been working like a busy like a Bee working in the Hives, Ants on a mission Kay and Fiona crafting away like little Beavers with scissors, Tim and myself Clemma have been working on emails  like busy Butterflies flying around in the sky. Tracey has been on the sewing machine- she's been busy like a fairy godmother. Leah has helped us all tremendously been working hard like the good mum she is, and we are all looking forward to taking our fantastic shows on tour. Emma and Jade have been working hard in the office been busy as mermaids swimming in the Ocean.😃😃

Blog Done By Clemma 

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Fanny Fust workshop at Fosseway school

Openstorytellers went to Fosseway School where we did a workshop on 'The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Fanny Fust- A True 18th Century Adventure Story' about a Young Lady That got abducted  in the 18th Century.
We showed  the 6th form at fosse way school  we show Them some scene from the show we played and  showed them  Animation film of fanny Fust and with the scene from the play we used we  put pauses and stops in our scene from fanny Fust and asked them questions what they think they would do if they were in Fanny position


Storytelling at Critchill school by Bradley

 Last Thursday Me and Openstorytellers went to Critchill school, My old school.
 It was Me Katie and Robin and we told 'Uwunglema' and  ' Anansi and  the Tug of War'.
 It has  been a while  since  I left Critchill school. Storytelling at my old school has been something that I been wanting to do since I started storytelling for Openstorytellers. The children loved Both Stories we told.
 When I left school I didn't know what was my future was going to be back then- one of the good things that came out of my life when I left school was being an entertainer for the public. Storytelling at Openstorytellers, performing at gigs and on facebook as BMB (dj and rapping name) and DJing with my crew 'Bass beatz' DJ crew, and every once a month doing theme nights DJing at loops dicso for learning disabled people.
I can't remember how I felt about drama at school but if I get the chance now I would do it again!
My achievements I'm proud of are street dancing, Drama, storytelling, rapping and creating my own lyrics, DJing.
If it wasn't for me getting involved in performing arts and doing gigs with my different groups and poeple I would't know where I would be today. Stress that builds on me during the day wears off after putting on a good show.
The person I am today would never have dreamed half of this would happen when I was at Critchill school.
Creating lyrics is a better way to express myself and help release anger and problems I have had running through my head. Stories I tell solo and with Openstorytellers helps with every day life and relate to things I do. I would love to do this for the rest of my life!
I love performing and have been doing it all my adult life and Iv'e reached my goal by going back to my old school- something I have been wanting to do for a while.
I love performing- It's my dream job!

Return visit to foossewayschool for their world book day

On Thursday  7th march Openstory Tellers went to Fosseway School to do a storytelling and a workshop for their world bookday.
Me, Clemma, Tim and support from jade, went into the library to tell 20  children  and staff Silly Jack they all enjoyed the story,we   enjoyed getting invited back to Fosseway  hope we get invited back again next year.
We all got a bar of chocolate from the school for coming to tell stories and worshop also had  delicous lunch provided from the school cafe.
 I thanked staff at the cafe for providing openstorytellers with delicous lunch and nice to see Sarah and Emma who organized  it.
 Simon,  fiona,  Bradley,  Robin, and Leah  done an interactive  workshop with mixed age children in the afternoon, in the forest  with  music.Everybody enjoyed  themselves  and  had a successful day.

Thanks agin  for  inviting  us back to your school   bestwishes Katie at Openstorytellers.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Looking at how to develop health websites to include people with learning disabilites by Katie

On Monday 11th march  2019  Me, Jade and Robin from Openstorytellers met our colleague Katy at Bath Spa Station  and had a long to journey to get to Bracknell.
Then we caught a taxi that took us to Bracknell Open Learning Centre to meet Mary Waight, Warren Oldreive, and Deborah Chinn who organized  the event.
Then we listened  to Warren  Mary and the sudents who attend self -advocacy group with LD in Berkshire with their presentation, then it was Openstorytellers  turn. I  mentored  Katy with training on how to do a presention on the easy read lefleat about our chairty , I felt  very confiedent  and enjoyed doing  the presentation in front of 24 people and listening to Robin's  presentation about his artist business. Then we summed up the moring with a  task- what dream we would like  to see on the  website?
We had a delious  spread of food!  Sandwishes crisps and  fruit, also drinks throughout the day and biscuits. In the aftenoon we split up into 3 groups to see how we could implement  the dream ideals , I said I would like to see home symbol and symbols for hearing  impairiments, visual impairments and  wheel chair accessible, then we left the venueto  start  our jouney home.
 We said thanks Mary for inviting us to  Bracknell Open Learning Centre to share  the presentations  with them , they gave us a box of chocolates to say well done, and have a safe journey home.
 I had a good trip to Bracknell. Thankyou Jade and Katy for taking us there.

Katie Branch28 .3.2019

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Upcoming event the Bardic chair

Hi all  we are  hosting a Bardic chair competition  at the Hub nub on Thursday 6th December.
This year is going to be a smaller event for  open storytellers and family to come along to support .
 If  you are interesting in telling a  story please contact our office so we know how many people  are telling . 

Best wishes